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Many years ago, homes were wired with a 2-wire system, which means a hot and a neutral wire with no ground. A ground is important because it notifies the fuse or breaker, whichever youor home has, to shut off if it detects a short in the circuit. A ground also helps trip any circuit on a power surge. Also, adding a ground in your home wiring system protects computers, televisions any any other appliances.


Many older homes in Los Angeles contain cloth wiring. Wire used to be insulated with cloth, which over a period of of time deteriorates and leaves your wires exposed to the touch which can give you quite a shock. Also, wires with a worn cloth cover can results in a short as well as a fire.

When do you know it's time replace old wiring? Well, there are some tell-tale signs that such as sparks coming from the switches or receptacles. You'll also notice that receptacles stop working. Once you pull the receptacles out of the wall, you see the wire that is currently installed in the house.

The extent of the rewire is determined by physically inspecting the wires coming out of the panel. Also, we inspect the wire that are run through open areas such as attics and underneath floors.

A total rewire involves taking out every old and damaged wire and replacing it with wire that meets your particular city's requirements.

Advantages of a Home Rewire

Gaining a well grounded electrical system coming from your panel

Replacing old cloth wiring will improve the safety of hour home's or businesses' electrical system

Relocating your circuits according to your homes current electrical demands

Ability to dedicate circuits for computer, refrigerator, microwaves, etc. A dedicated circuit is important for high-demand appliances

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